november 25, 2012

Some famicom disk system games

The famicom disk system (FDS) is a surprisingly unexplored territory. I noticed this when I discussed it with people from famicomworld once. The only FDS games that people are interested in are the ones they already know. The short list consists of Metroid, Zelda 1 & 2, Kid Icarus, Super Mario 1 & 2, and a few others.

In my quest to spread Japanese video game culture to Swedish people (who buy their games from eBay anyways) I would like to improve the situation somewhat, so that maybe they will buy a disk system from me some day. Or why not this Twin Famicom?

Here is a video a friend made of the interesting Nintendo-developed Nazo no Murasamejou that is by some considered to be a predecessor to the Legend of Zelda. The release dates and time it took to develop the games make me think that is unlikely. But anyways, it was released before Zelda and had an overhead perspective. 

(Nazo no Murasamejou)
As a triva note, the first game with overhead perspective on the Famicom was, I believe, Ikki. Maybe that was a Zelda predecessor too?

Here is another game in overhead perspective that was only released on famicom disk: Kiki Kaikai. It is the precessor of Pocky & Rocky for the SNES:

(not my video)

Then we have Konami's Arumana No Kiseki, again only available as famicom disk:
(not my video)

And these are just three of the well known "unknown" gems...  I'll show a lesser known unknown game: ( Ai Senshi Nicole)

And then there's game that are hard to even find screenshots of... A few days ago I bought Radical Bomber!! Jirai-Kun. It is some kind of action game I think, but no one on the Internet seems to know how to play it.

Radical Bomber!! Jirai Kun Screenshot 2

And these are just some of the games to show that there is to offer in the uncharted territory. I can mention more games some other time.

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