februari 09, 2013

Druid for FDS beaten

I found another disk to play instead of the one I sold and sent. I have a lot of disks laying around. That was fun. :) Pretty short too, once I understood it, it took 20 minutes.

I read in strategywiki that the ending you get depends on a these factors: How many chests you have opened, how many helpful items you collected, and how many enemies you killed.

Next time I'll open fewer chests and not take so many helpful items, so I will not become "half wit". Update: I played it a couple more times and became "Acolyte" with 410 points. But it's hard if you don't know what is most important, and just killing enemies is boring.

It could be useful to inform the youtube kiddies on how to play the game, so they don't make a WTF video of 30 seconds gameplay.

In the first treasure chest you see in the game, chose the "Down" option and select the key. If you select any other item, you can not get the key and have to restart the game.

The treasure chests hold the magic and also the items. You should chose items in most cases, unless you need ammunition. Most important are the keys. If you don't have enough keys you can't make progress. You must also have the Chaos to destroy the 4 giant heads. The golum isn't essential, and Invisible spell is useless.

After you select the item, the FDS version has the unique feature of have another set of extra items. These are interesting because they can help you or ruin your game. http://strategywiki.org/wiki/Druid/Items Here is an important trick: if you don't want to select one of the extra items, press B. If you happen to chose an item such Heaven or Drunk you might as well restart the game.
"Take Items" -- the extra items I collected when the game ended.

To change between normal Item, paus the game. Then press B to change between items, and A to change between spells. The main important items are: Key to open doors, Golem to summon a golem, and Chaos to defeat the giant heads.

The golem is a fun creature. With Select you chose what he will do: Wait, Follow, Attack, or 2Player (as in the screenshot). So you can play 2Player with the golem if you want.

In order to go to the next level, you must destroy the giant head on the level if there is one. Otherwise the stair will just take you back to the previous level. To defeat the heads, you need to touch it and then cast Chaos.

You have 5 continues (I think) if you die and they let you start right were you died, so it's more like you have 5 lives.

The maps on strategywiki are useful but not entirely correct for the FDS version.
The end of another one of those obscure FDS games. As I have mentioned earlier there are a couple of them.

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