februari 23, 2013

Youkai Yashiki for FDS

I played some of Youkai Yashiki for the FDS this evening. Unfortunately, I got stuck at the end of level 2 , and after 2-3 hour without progress I decided to quit. I looked at strategywiki for the answer and I'm not sure I would have guessed it.

Personally, I don't like when games change the rules just to add difficulty, as in "if you stand in a specific spot, hold the red crystal and duck 5 seconds, it will warp you to the next level" (simon's quest). Okay, so this game is certainly not as hard as Castlevania II, but the solution is still not something I would've thought of trying. But it isn't too strange, other people might have found it.

I suspect it will be even harder on the next level, so I will give up playing it.

The game has nice graphics. It is a platforming game but you have to find the talismans on each level. Sometimes there are hidden areas, walls that aren't walls, and so on. I read that level 3 has a lot of invisible ladders too.

Graphics looks like Master Blaster. Gameplay resembles Milon's Secret Castle somewhat. As for the music it's nothing out of the ordinary, but acceptable.

Some screenshots from gamefaqs.
Youkai Yashiki (JP)

Apart from finding the five talismans on each levels, you also have the enemies to avoid. I think it is an original concept. You have a flashlight, and the lower your life bar, the shorter the flashlight will reach. The life is technically the batteries.

There are powerups (batteries) to pick up, and little poles that fills your life bar if you kneel while holding a helmet item.

Shooting a firefly will also fill your life bar. You can go back and forth between screens to fill up.

The game has umlimited continues on each level if you are game over, and that is always appreciated. Figuring out how to beat a level can take hours. But once you know how to beat a level, it will only take 5-10 minutes.

Well anyways, I hope people start to appreciate how many good unknown games there are on the famicom disk system, even if I couldn't make it far in this one.

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