februari 10, 2013

Meikyuu Jiin Dababa for FDS

I have a period with some free time to play games and figured I would try this one out. Made by Konami and only released on the famicom disk system.

It's a nice little action game with a little bit of puzzle to it. I think the puzzles may be the hardest part, but that's only because the action is straight forward. I decided to play the game without walktrough to get the right feeling for it. At a couple of levels I almost gave up, such as 3-4. But there is always a way, and it's not too unfair.

On most levels you need to uncover the floor tiles with a White mark on them. I suggest to pick up other powerups too if you find them.

The only real instruction about movements you need is: press A to jump straight up. Hold A and press a direction on the D-pad to make a long jump in that direction.

When you have uncovered all white tiles, a book will appear revealing one or more exits... The levels can be tricky but are never too hard and a little trial and error will do it.

Some levels are a bit diffierent. Without saying too much, I can give the hint that you need to hit certain object a lot (6-7 times) to make something appear. This can also uncover secrets.

The boss battles may seem tricky at first but it is mainly because of your strange hopping movement. When you have figured the bosses out they are quite simple.

You get to continue on each world after game over, and no world takes more than 10 minutes replay with accurate play. It is player friendly. Some areas may seem unfair when you are warped back, but it is never too much effort to work your way back again. And I think it is fun to play anyways.

I think the game has the typical Konami well made graphics and music. I also have no issues with the gameplay. A possible complaint is that it is relatively short and once you've beaten it there isn't that much to do. Maybe there is some extra option but I don't know what that would me. It saves after you beat it, so maybe there is something.

Why does a monk save a girl? And why no end credits?

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