februari 17, 2013

Elevator Action and Asmik Kun World II for Game Boy

 Asmik-kun World II Elevator Action (JP)
I played two game boy games yesterday.

I've started playing with Super Game Boy, so I don't strain my eyes.

Asmik Kun World II is the sequel to Asmik Kun World that was released in the US as Boomer's Adventure. The sequel is however different. In this game, you must build a path from start to goal.

You have a limited amount of tiles and you must use them all, no more no less. Usually there is only one solution. Here I found it on that level.

While you are building, one of your children will pop out of the house. After a while the "bad guy" to the left in the first picture will start to follow your child to try and catch him. If you meet with the bad guy you will fight him in a bomberman kind of game.

If you beat all the baddies in that screen you will force the enemy back.  If he beats you, he will take the child with him.

If he takes all your children, you will be game over. But you can always continue on the exact same course with 3 new children so it actually doesn't matter.

The game has a password system that consists of some letters. If you put them together they form a sentence...


The levels are all pretty simple and the first levels all go by nicely. It is more trial and error than thinking ahead. After 4-1 the levels take a longer time because you get to several puzzle screens on each level. You don't get any new passwords either. From 4-1 to the end of 4-3 must have taken more than an hour. I had to quit at the start of 4-4 which is the last level. For more info and the ending screen there is this page in Japanese: http://www14.atwiki.jp/gball/pages/463.html

The game has nice music, good graphics and low frustation level. The bomberman action is original for a puzzle game. I think it is a good game for children 7-12 years old. It is entirely in English. I rate it 4/5.

Before that I had played Elevator Action. I have previously played the famicom version. The Game Boy version is nice because it is much simpler. The concept is this: You move through elevators. You must enter all "!" doors in the building before you can exit. You can enter "?" doors to get powerups.

A little trick is that the powerups you get depends on the hundred digit of your points. Opening doors is a little confusing, but I think you stop outside of it and wait, to enter automatically.

After a while there will be dogs and robots. The robot can be killed with two shotgun shots but they are pretty tough. But you can actually walk together with the robots without taking damage.

That's as for as I got. If you die your lives you are game over and must start over, which is annoying.

The game boy version is still simpler than the NES/Famicom version. You have a life bar, and you get an extra life with every 10 000 point, which usually happens at least one per level. The enemies are also simpler from what I remember. And lastly, if you forget to take one ! room, you will be transported there automatically and the end of the house.

I don't know if the game has an ending. I couldn't find anyone who beat it. A youtube comment said that after level 1-6 you start over again at 2-1 and the enemies are harder. Because there is no continue function I know of, I'll only rate it 3/5. It still has good music, nice graphics, and it is fun to go around shooting enemies. You can also kill enemies by kicking them or squashing them with the elevator. Be creative. You can even shoot down the lamps, but then the lights will flicker...

Update: I played a little more. If you beat level 1-4 (that is with the robot, in the picture above), you get to rescue your girl, and you go back to the same building as in 1-1, but it is called 2-1 and has harder enemies. Still no continues.

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