januari 27, 2013

Playing Robo Warrior / Bomber king on famicom

So I decided to play this famicom game. I've played the game boy version earlier and I enjoyed it very much. I though it was an excellent game and played it until the end.
 Bomber King: Scenario 2 (JP) Blaster Master Jr. (EU)
But it sure was a long game, at least for a game boy game. I think it has passwords and it feels like you're always making progress so I accept it. I think the general strategy/puzzle/action games are games I enjoy. Games for adults -- people who like to think and to make progress.

I think the graphics is excellent for a game boy game. Technically the two game are not the same games but very similar. But why was Blaster Master Boy released by SunSoft and Robo Warrior by Hudson? Mystery. But there are some differences in what kills you.

The main difference in gameplay is that in the game boy version you can drop the bombs behind you, but in the famicom/NES game you place the bomb in front of you. This is quite annoying until you get the hang of it...

I feel like since I beat it on GB, I have beat the game once and it has taken enough of my time. It was quite long.

I did want to see if I could beat the first level on the famicom on my own. It took a while to understand that the level kept on looping until I found the special item ( I think that's the reason anyways). So it took a couple of hours of frustration and accidental suicides, but I beat the level. On level 2-1 it took a while to figure out how to get through the wall, but then I made it to level 2-2. I'm satisfied with that. I think it was pretty fun and I would have kept on playing if I didn't already beat it on the GB.

When you game over you start from the first level of the world and you even get to keep your upgrades (or most of them I think). Going back a level also has its advantages. Just as in the game boy version, you may find that world 2-2 is underground and you need the a couple of lights, but you have to collect the lights in level 2-1.

Played a couple more hours yesterday and made it to 4-1. Too bad there are no passwords so I have to restart next time. I shouldn't be playing this, but it's the most fun I had since Kid Icarus. I don't know why some people hate this game. I think it has a great combination of strategy, action and puzzle. Some reviewers are saying "This game sucks" and "Avoid at alla cost!!!!". But I think it is game for grown ups, not for kids.

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