januari 25, 2013

Trying to play the Island Story of Seven Winds for Saturn

Also known as Nanatsu Kaze no Shima Monogatari which I will never remember. Except that Monogatari means Story.

But it was too hard to play without knowing Japanese. I really liked the hand drawn graphics so I hoped it would be possible... But you can't even exit the house if you don't write the name of the clock in katakana (the Japanese syllable alphabet).

After you have managed to exit the house, you reach this stage.

The reviewer didn't complete his walkthrough so it's too bad we can't see all the scenes.

The game also comes with a CD with artwork from the game. I was able to access the CD with no problem. :)

I think that apart from the graphics, the gameplay is generic point-and-click. The story is linear so you do things in a certain order. I think a lot of it has to do with catching the right bugs and then you store them in your house. It is slow paced and the menu is complicated to navigate. Not sure if there is music in the game, but not much.

It looks a little like Wonder Project J for the SFC and I read the graphics were made by the same contractor.

Wonder Project J screenshot, from hardcoregaming101.net

If you can read and understand Japanese well, and you like these kind of adventure games, I'd give it a chance. It is also playable with a FAQ and a katakana chart, but will take time and effort.

And you need a Saturn console.... If you don't have a Saturn, maybe you'd be interested in my transparent Saturn for 300$.

I also have normal Japanese Saturns for 495 SEK but they get sold quickly...

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