januari 06, 2013

SMB2 for the famicom disk system beaten

Last night I beat the game without too much difficulty. My 100 lives helped -- I used up some 50 of them. I found level 8-3 to be quite fun with few precision jumps. I remember I have played level 8-4 before, I think it was on Super Mario Bros DX on the Game Boy Color. But playing on the real hardware is more difficult. I also don't remember that I have had to do the jump trick in 8-2 on the GBC.

I think it is necessary to play this game with a strategy guide for the first time. A lot of necessary things are otherwise unlikely you'll discover.

It turned out I was wrong in my last post. You will play world 9 if you beat the game without using warps, true. World 9 ends with the text "Arigato" (in katakana) so it's to be considered a bonus level more than anything.

However, worlds A-D are accessible if you have at least 8 stars in the title screen, and press A+Start.  I did not know that. So I didn't have to beat the game to access world A, because it already had 8 stars. Worlds A-D are considered secret worlds so I don't consider them necessary to beat the game. But I looked at them and they look fund. I don't think they are impossible, having warps, 1ups etc. I may have a try at them later.

I shot bowser dead.

I saved the princess and got a lot of points for my 50 remaining extra lives. Since it says it is the end of my trip, I'll consider myself to have beaten the game.

It feels good to have put another star in the title screen. You can't save your stars if you play a repro, you need the original hardware. Also, the game boy color version of "Lost Levels" doesn't allow you to play the A-D worlds.

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