januari 21, 2013

Super Deformed platforming games on Famicom

I have for sale right now a little nice game called SD Hero Soukessen, released in 1990 by Banpresto.

By the way, most of my pictures disappear after a while because the item gets sold and the picture gets deleted after 2 months. That does not bother me. You have to read my blogs fast.

I think there are several of the SD ("Super Deformed") games that should require to be better known. I am personally hesitant of them because it reminds me of SD Gundam (strategy games), but in fact SD games can be anything.

In SD Hero Soukessen you can use several different characters and I think switch between them. When you power up you get the ability to shoot, and lose it when you get hit.

The game, released in 1990, also shows what I mean in my last blog post about Kid Icarus and how the music on the Famicom/NES improved in the later years. I think I read that SunSoft started this development in June 1988 with Blaster Master. Blaster Master was strangely unpopular in Japan and is a bit uncommon, but it became a surprise hit in the rest of the world.

Well the next SD game in our blog today is called Robocco Wars, and it was released in 1992 by IGS. I have not heard of IGS before actually. Maybe the game isn't an SD game but I'll just write about it anyways.

I really like the music in this game, and look at how simple it seems. In fact, it is so simple even I could beat it on the first try. The music is great, especially stage 3 in my opinion. But somehow it is so simple, it is like Kirby's Dreamland, it is almost not a game rather a demo.

Then Great Battle Cyber, also from 1992 and by Banpresto. I am not sure if Banpresto is a sub-company of Bandai but it seems likely. I don't have patience for beat'em up but as far as gameplay goes I think it is unique for a famicom game.

The games are a bit uncommon but not that expensive because they are not that well known. Robocco Wars is probably the least common, I've only had it once.

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