april 06, 2013

Hudson famicom rack, +thoughts on Neo Geo and Metal Slug

I haven't blogged last week because I have been quite busy; I am always more busy when packages from Japan have just arrived, and I received a whole lot of interesting items.

I have also been busy helping a colleague fix up our website (www.japanspel.se) so as to not make it look like it wasn't made by some person with notepad++ (that is myself). And I have have been looking into FDS rewriting with my colleagues, Playstation flashning, DC and Saturn chipping; we have modded SNES consoles, Pc Engine consoles, and maybe soon will do a Unibios on a Neo Geo AES.

We don't sell Neo Geo yet. Neo Geo has a very dedicated fan base, but so far I don't get what the deal is, and it is too costly to buy Neo Geo stuff just to see if it is any fun. I always ask "Why not just play the Saturn version of the King of Fighters series?". Or Fatal Fury / Garou Densetsu. Even Metal Slug has a Saturn port, and I don't think it is that much worse than the 1,500$ Neo Geo version.

Just make sure to use Saturn Metal Slug with a 4MB RAM card (or a 4M action replay), it will give it a clear boost over the PS version too. Here is a video someone else made to prove my point.
I don't say Neo Geo is bad, I just say I don't get it yet. But I ordered some Neo Geo CD stuff recently, so I will be able to try that out, if the CD works on it. 

Well anyways here is a famicom rack. The photos didn't turn out that great, maybe I should get a better camera some day, and build a proper photo tent. I prefer to buy the cheapest stuff that I think will do the job and then work my way up.

I sold a famicom rack on famicomworld once. The buyer said that it was the sheer uselessness that attracted him to this item.

It isn't that useless. It keeps your famicom steady on your disk system.

I sell it for 250 SEK which is 30$. It is not a rare item but not something you can necessarily find on eBay.

Also, unless you buy it with a box, you will probably have to remove it from the Famicom + FDS combo that it came with. This can be a bit of a problem. I will explain the best way.

You first push out the FDS. Press up its rubber "feet" on the bottom of the FDS to slide it through the rack. Keep the rack steady while you do this. I prefer to hold it with my feet, but maybe you have a more "professional" way.

If you happen to get the rubber feet removed while you slide it, just glue them back on the FDS.

Then, after you have released the two consoles, you press here and pull that side away. (In the picture, the consoles are not released yet, note) Do it for all four sides. I do the pulling with my feet too, but I have very good feet for this kind of work.

I also have a very comfortable carpet to sit on, Japanese style. It used to give me a stiff neck, but a week ago I placed the TV on the floor, so that will no longer be a problem.

Edit: the rack has been sold.

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