april 26, 2013

Two odd SNES action games

It's nice when I find SNES games that are not generic platformers or RPGs. I call them SNES games in this articles because both games were released in the US as well as Japan.

Septentrion Box Front

Septentrion, or S.O.S. in the US, is a game where you are inside a ship and have to get out before the ship goes down. You can save others on your way out. Your ending depends on how many you save.

You walk around in a world that looks like Monkey Island.

I had this copy but it sold yesterday for 249 SEK (35$), so it is an expensive game even in Japanese. The Japanese version has Japanese text, which will make it more difficult to understand what the people are saying and how to make them follow you.

Then I tried out Syndicate.
It is listed as a strategy game but I think action is more appropriate. This game was also released for the PC, Amiga, Apple, Mega Drive, 3D0, Jaguar, and other systems.
You walk around with your crew in a overhead perspective on missions.
It took me a little while to figure out the controls. They include Select; holding down the Y button and scrolling with the D-pad; holding X and pressing Up to pick up a weapon, and L+R to restore your power (I think). You'd better get the manual for the game.

After missions you get to upgrade your cyborgs and other strategic elements.

In the Japanese version this has Japanese text. I think with some practice this could be played in Japanese though. Your mission objective is described in Japanese too, but a yellow arrow will show you what it is so it is at least playable.

The game was made by Bullfrog who also made such weird games as Theme Park and Theme Hospital and there is some resemblance to Syndicate.

GamePro Magazine called the game "a thinking man's shootem up game".  It reminds me of the PC Game X-Com: UFO Defense but with more action.

Maybe not for all, but atleast these two games are different and are suited for a more mature audience than little kids. Worth checking out.

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