april 27, 2013

Super Chinese Fighter GB for Game Boy

 Super Chinese Fighter GB (JP)
This game was only released in Japan, at the end of 1996. I only got the cart recently and so I would say it is a uncommon.

A trivia note is that 1996 was the lowest point in the Game Boy lifespan in Japan, with only 37 released titles. 1995 had 58 titles and 1997 had 53. Maybe Pokemon, the Super Game Boy or the Game Boy Pocket made the Game Boy cool again. Anyways, the later games are a lot better than the earliest.

A nice little Super Game Boy support, but as usually only four shades of some color...

The Super Chinese series were long running with games released since the famicom, action games, action/rpg, rpg/fighting, and here a genuine fighting game. All Super Chinese games were fun in a way, but not really very remarkable. There is nothing wrong with this fighting game, but there is also nothing fantastic about it. I have written about GB fighting games before so I have something to compare to.

I think the Super Chinese games were made for a younger audience. In this fighting game you won't have any blood or spine pulling.

The good things:
  • The movement system works well. Hit detection, jumping, etc.
  • There are no slowdowns or flickering. 
  • You have a couple of good special moves and combos that are easy enough to learn. 
  • The music is fine and the graphic is nice. 
  • With a super game boy and a second SNES controller you can play 2-player VS mode.
  • And last, you get to see your characters special moves after you have selected him, which is nice for most of us that don't have the manual nearby.

Something bad:
There isn't any intense action. The rounds are long and I guess you have to fight all other fighters, I think there were 15. There isn't much that separates them from one another and with a computer AI that is not too smart, you can often just walk in and punch them. So it rates low on the fun factor, that is an important factor for me.

In the end, if you have nothing else to play, you can have a good time with this game, with a friend too. I give it 3/5.

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