april 30, 2013

Operation Logic Bomb for SNES

I took a break from playing Syndicate for something very different. Operation Logic Bomb is a shooting game in an overhead perspective. My favorite perspective! It's like RoboWarrior that I wrote about earlier. Like in RoboWarrior, Operation Logic bomb allows you to get hit a lot, but you also shoot alot.
__ Not my video

You go around and shoot everything. The one little extra command you will need to know is to press the R or L button to lock your current position. This is essential if you are aiming in some directions and don't want it to change when you move. The guy who made the video didn't know that, that's why the gameplay looks so clumsy.

You have different weapons and pick up more weapons later. Some of the weapons allow you to make further progress. A little bit like Metroid, but this game is shorter and you rarely have to spend a long time wondering where to go.

The graphics is nice, the music is cool, blowing up stuff is fun... Like Contra. But unlike Contra, this game is short and quite simple. I got game over two times, but after that I beat it in less than 2 hours. The bosses might be tricky until you understand which weapon to use against them. Also make sure to press all the computer things that give you power upgrades and maps.

The Japanese version is completely in English, except for the end credits.

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