juni 03, 2013

Frisky Tom for Game Boy

Another game that isn't all that common. I should know by now, as I have collected for a couple of years and have close to 550 loose games and 300 boxed.

Frisky Tom is a Japan only game boy port of a 1981 arcade game. The arcade game looked like this:

I know my pics aren't the greatest, but it makes it much faster to write these reviews and I think they are acceptable.

Bandai also created a small handheld of this game in 1982. I have one of those on its way. It may not work, but I thought it looked pretty awesome when I looked at a youtube clip of that.

The Game Boy port is from 1995 and has nice Super Game Boy support.

The objective of this game is to stop the mice from destroying the water pipe. You climb the pipes.  You can push away the blue mice, which are the destroyer mice. There are also red mice that will push you down if you meet them. That's basically all there is to it.

This page mentions that in the arcade they had three color of mice: http://www.arcade-museum.com/game_detail.php?game_id=7854 . From that description it seems that the game boy port is different than the arcade game. But maybe I didn't pay enough attention at the game boy while playing.

If you get the water running long enough before the timer runs out, you'll see this shower picture.

Frisky Tom it is a pretty simplistic arcade style game. You play to get a high score. I managed to beat the first 7 stages, but stage 8 went too fast and had too many mice against me. For people who enjoy arcade style games (such as Pac-Man, Donkey Kong) the game isn't bad. It also feels original enough. And except for this game boy port, there isn't that many ways to play it.

It does feel as if I have discovered some long lost Game & Watch game, one that is actually fun to play. Thanks to its impressive SGB graphics I will rate it 3/5.

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