juni 27, 2013

Heisei Tensai Bakabon for Game Boy / Famicom

I was never able to sell these games to anyone for some reason, so I'll keep them to myself from now.
Update 2013-10-03: I uploaded a gameplay video here:

A series of platforming games that were only released in Japan. The Game Boy version has almost the same levels as the Famicom version, but with some differences.

The game series has a humoristic theme.

The confusing things for first time players is how to jump. You have to press the B button AFTER you start moving in that direction in order to run, and then you can jump far.

The game boy version has unlimited continues and you can start from the same place that you died. I only played a little bit of the famicom game but I think the famicom version doesn't have that.

Well, the games are weird in a Japanese way, for those that enjoy those kind if games (compare Kato-chan Ken-chan for Pc Engine). Personally the gameplay is too slow for my taste, but that is me. I will rate the game boy version 3/5. I don't rate famicom games.

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