juni 02, 2013

Yasai no Kuni no Ashi Senshi (Kick Challenger: Air Foot) for Famicom Disk System

What a weird action game!
I had never heard of it.

You play as a tomato in a top down mini field area. You walk around and kick enemies and powerup your big feet. You have to press A to move, and on every second move you will be stepping on one foot, and can only use the other foot for kicking.  Kick with B. This is a bit confusing at first. But I don't think it is too difficult to learn.

Right at the start with my big red feet.

You walk around in a top-down perspective like this. It sure is colorful. I upgraded my feet a little here.

Here is the nasty end boss of that stage. But he is very simple. My tomato is shrunken because I got hit once or twice.

Stage 2. Now it is a grey color scheme.

The pipes are slippery and the tops will kill you.

You have three lives and no continues. But there are three useful cheat codes.

The game is entirely in English. Not particularly common though.

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