juni 21, 2013

R-Type II for Game Boy

This game was released in 1992 and is the sequel to R-Type. It can be hard to find this sequel.

I never liked the first R-Type on Game Boy, I think it has limited continues and I kept on dying. I was a kid and played on the old brick, all I remember is that I didn't like the game and that I never made it very far.

But I found that R-Type II has unlimited continues, at least the Japanese version which is all I am playing. After a game over, you can ever restart at your last checkpoint! Such a friendly game. And so now I am able to easily beat this game, even if I must have died 20 times before I reached the first boss and a ridiculous amounts of time I died of stupid mistakes.

In R-Type II, your ship is much larger than in a game such as Gradius. It also moves slower. It can therefore be hard to avoid bullets sometimes. But with the unlimited continues, most  could beat it. This is how Salamander (Life Force) should have been like.

Sometimes the game slows down a lot when many enemies and bullets are on the screen. I don't mind that much, but some people do. However, most of the time the game flows just fine.

With the SGB or GBC, it becomes much easier to tell the enemies from the bullets, but it can still be hard sometimes because you have so many powerups. Normal shots, missiles, and shots that go diagonally all at the same time.

If the game wouldn't have had unlimited continues it would have been super hard and annoying. As it is, it is pretty easy. I don't mind beating a game though. But you can press Select at the start screen and choose Hard level whatver that does.

Programmed in Wales by Robert C Pape. The end. I give it 3/5.

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